Kandarola nude beach on island Rab


Beautiful Croatian coast with over a thousand islands, islets and reefs, is a real paradise for nudists. The history of commercial nudism began in the ’60s of the last century, but the first records of nudist beaches much far before. As a forerunner of nudism in Croatia is mentioned the island of Rab. Although nudism […]

Bunculuka nude beach on island Krk


Nudist beach Bunculuka is located within the naturist camp Bunculuka in a beautiful bay between two hills, which is characterized by unspoiled nature surrounded by mediterranean pine trees.

Nude beach Baldarin


The beaches in Punta Kri┼ża – Cape Cross (15 km away from town Osor on the island of Cres) is undoubtedly true national park with rich flora and fauna. Nowhere on the island of Cres is so much genuine mediterranean landscape in which the colors are playing in their sumptuous palette. The landscape of perfection […]