Rabac – The Pearl of Kvarner

Rabac Istria Croatia

Rabac Rabac have about 1500 permanent residents, while during the season when is everything full then Rabac  can receive over 12 000 tourists. In  Rabac there are 2 major  hotel companies one is Maslinica Ltd. the other is the Riviera Adria dd. Maslinica Ltd. in his portfolio has three hotels Mimosa, Hedera and Narcis and […]



The city of Poreč is considered the most visited resort in Istria and Croatia. Countless awards for its quality and popularity, the city of Poreč and its inhabitants, yet the people’s favorite rivers which are flowing through it each year. Almost every summer of his street pulsates with life. Former Colonia Iulia Parentium with its […]



Motovun has a medieval setting with beautiful walls that look like two semi with lovely views of the vineyards and the Motovun forest, which belongs to the category of forest park. If you visit Motoun do not forget to visit the famous Motovun Film Festival. Motovun has a lot of hotels and holiday home and […]



Because of the very rich history and distinctive location today Rovinj is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean and Istria. The city Rovinj radiates a unique beauty that attracts visitors from around the world. Its beautiful stone-paved streets, over which rise the old buildings are closely packed together with porches and balconies […]



Fažana, Valbandon and Šurida maybe have the most beautiful beaches in Istria. Here is rich vegetation, clear sea, with a Mediterranean climate. Here you can sleep in rooms and apartments as well in autocamp. In the shade of pine forests, while the local fish and meat and real challenge “Bevanda” gourmets your rich variety of […]