Split best beaches

If you are spending vacation in Croatia spend it in Split  then for sure you will want to take a refreshing swim in the Adriatic sea and in this case, you will search for a beautiful beaches in the region of Split.
In order to make this search as easy as possible, we have a brief overview of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Split. Marjan (Splits largest park) – it is at the top of the Split peninsula – there are several beaches that are grouped around the Marjan hill.

1. The Kašuni beach is a pebble-sand beach, which lies on the south side of Marjan hill. Go from the center of town just along the sea, then ca. 2 – 2.5 km away. After passing the gallery “Ivana Meštrović” in the street Ivana Meštrovića, there are still about 800 meters before you have to take a small road on the left. On Kašuni beach there are cafe bars and public toilets, but you will not find a kiosk, so please remember to bring drinks and sandwiches.


2. The Kaštelet beach is located in the bay Kašuni (500 meters closer to the city center). This is also a pebble beach, but the pebbles are very small, so you do not necessarily need beach shoes. On the beach there are several cafe bars and a snack bars with cheap and delicious sandwiches. Again, there is no kiosk, so it is wise to bring drinking water.


3. The most popular beach in Split is Bacvice. Bačvice are situated about 1 km from the center of Split towards the ferry port. The beach is very crowded in the full  season, and not just at the beach but also in the water, the people are crowding close together. Many play “Picigin”, a popular ball game that is played with a small ball that throw the people. Just look at how the locals do it, and try it then for yourself. On the beach Bačvice there is a very nice coffee bar, 100 meters further south there is a pizzeria and more coffee shops. You can rent beach chairs and umbrella for 25 kn/day.

4. A bay further of beach Bačvice you find the nearest sandy beach “Ovčice”. It is also very nice, but it’s almost impossible to find a place to spread a beach towel because the beach is not very wide. You really need to be here very early in the morning if you don’t want to get a spot on the rocks – or want to sit all day in the cafe bar.

5. Approximately 1.5 km south of “Ovčice” you will find the pebble beach Žnjan. The area of ​​Žnjan extends over several bays, starting from the Marina Zenta – and you can find there more – well, guess what? … Cafe-bars!


As you may have noticed, most of the beaches are located outside the center of Split, so it is best for you to make the journey by public transport or alternatively you can rent a bike in the center of Split.

Welcome to the Split best beaches…


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