Bike race Downhill Buzet

This weekend, organized by the Cycling Club Buzet 18.05. to 20.05. will be  held bicycle race “DH Buzet”. The race is held on the track Škrbina near Buzet. The trail is 1.7 km long with an altitude difference of 283 meters. So far, 185 candidates applied for the Croatian, Slovenia, Italy, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The race will count towards the Croatian Cup, Cup Slovenia and the International UCI C2 category. The amount of entry fee will be consistent with the decision of the National Association of competitors for the Cup DH race, but not less than  30 €. If such a decision there is no amount of entry fee is  35 €. The amount of entry fee you can read here.Dejan Hren the deputy director of the race presented the offer of additional races. The finish line is located near the parking lot  where the camp will be located for drivers with a big tent. On Friday and Saturday concerts will be organized because it is the drivers and the public generally younger. Media center for processing the results and their placement on the official race website Downhillbuzet will also be at the finish where it will update in real-time information about the competitors. Along the path will be set up sound system for monitoring results and information. Open the photo and video contest for the best prizes are provided. Welcome to the bicycle race Downhill Buzet 2012th

Downhill Buzet 2010:

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