Trail Bella Vista – Labin

Would you like to be out of art galleries, charming churches and baroque palaces and set the infinity of the magnificent views of Kvarner rinse your eyes with tears of St. healing. Lucy – Bella Vista choose the path and take the road from the upper to Kranjci Labin. As the name says runs, after the plug on the white road that will take you through the mountain to take Glušica Skitača – this trail you will reach a maximum of Labin place where you can enjoy the unique spectacle of Kvarner, and the sight of the clear time even the outlines of Venice. Inquire whether the area around the site, you’ll learn that there are still living traditions by which they are brave people Skitača 1661st won a great victory over the Turks when their boat sank near the Black Punta. You do not miss it and discover why the visually impaired move in this direction. Only that tickles your fancy: just 1km from a regulated mountain lodge “Skitača” you can find a special rock from which the so-called healing water springs. “Tears of St. Lucy, “which supposedly cures of blindness and eye problems. Tip: Be sure to try out! Believe in Lucina tears or not, one thing is certain – standing on the rock of your eyes will see all the way to Italy! If you are here over the weekend – furnished mountain hut “Skitaca” is open to all guests through. After you have enjoyed the unique scene of inhaling the penetrating smell of sage sprung up on whiteness almost naked rock, down the road to the flat – a real tourist town in summer on which the beautiful beaches you can swim and relax or simply enjoy the stunts that are often frequented by surfers here. Passing through town on Drenje Black, loads will be on the path that leads back to the top of Labin where you’re headed.

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