Trail Eufraziana – Poreč

Do you want to know Istria in the true sense of the word, Mediterranean warmth of its cities on the coast, but the charm of small towns and pristine countryside in the hinterland, Eufraziana select the path and ride a bicycle from Poreč – a town in which the material and spiritual traces of great cultures at each step towards the interior. After the ride old town of Poreč, discover forum former fortified Roman camp, visiting the beautiful palaces, Romanesque and especially the “House of Two Saints,” Walk the famous Euphrasian – Three-aisled cathedral, the most beautiful monument of early Byzantine art from the 6th century that is from 1997. is included on the UNESCO list of protected world cultural heritage. Do not hesitate, get inside it and walk up to the apse – in front of you going to break a glittering, golden mosaics before which you simply breathless. A good hard look and see the procession of saints and the Virgin with Jesus and one special character: Bishop Euphrasia with a scale model of the basilica in his hand – the saint after whom the named path you choose! Will you deny experience from the perspective of idle birds, climb the church tower and enjoy the unique vista of Porec and its surroundings. Saturated city bustle and crowded cobblestone streets, move on through the white pine forest and you will see the tourist paradise – Blue and Green Lagoon. If you continue further into the hinterland, through Mugeba path leads you to Fuškulin, Dračevac and Montižana, and then over Delic, Bralic and Citadels and Maras and pages to Lovreč. Make sure to stop and take a walk along the fortified town whose settlement there probably already dated 9 century, and whose will the parish church of St. Martin was built in the mid 11th century frescoes found interesting and worthy of a statue of the Virgin from the 14th century polychrome and carved polyptych and organ from 1735th year. When you get tired of romantic wonders Lovreč move on over to Šušnjić Zbandaja, and from there the road leads you through Jehnići, Peršurić and barrels back through picturesque villages Žiković, Veznaver, Kosinožić, Antonci and St. Portun to the town of Porec, where your adventure trails Euphrasiana has started.

Town of Porec (Croatia) – Travel Guide:

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