Trail of St. Maura – Poreč

Welcome to the path that you from the glittering mosaics to the stars! Sounds unreal? Choose the St. Maura and discover the meaning of these words. So, start from Porec town in which the material and spiritual traces of great cultures at every turn, and ride to the old town. Here you’ll discover a forum of former fortified Roman camp, and in particular draw your attention to a number of palaces, “House of Two Saints” and the famous “basilica” – aisled cathedral, the best preserved monument of early Byzantine art from the 6th century since 1997. included on the UNESCO list of protected world cultural heritage. Do not hesitate, get inside it and walk up to the apse – in front of you going to break the glittering mosaics which is simply breathtaking. A good hard look and you will see the procession of saints and the Virgin with Jesus and the two special characters: Bishop Euphrasia with a scale model of the basilica in his hand, and a little bit away and St. Maura – patron saint of Poreč and the saint after whom the named path you choose! Will you deny experience even from the perspective of idle birds, climb the church tower and enjoy the unique vista of Porec and its surroundings. If you are fed up with noise, a red-hot paved streets and crowded corners of the city, heading to the hotel and across the bay Materada St. Martin’s drive to the camp from which Olive continues along the coast continue to Cervar Porta. Ride this trail is especially nice because it is mainly driving along, enjoying the sea in the Mediterranean landscape of the bay to bay. When you reach Santa Marina Bay bike carry over the creek and there you are on the asphalt road that takes you straight into Vabriga, then the Tar. Passing Tar Kaštelir where you come in, do not miss to enjoy the greenery of vineyards, olive groves, as well as local cuisine, wine, brandy and honey of this region. If you continue along the trail you come to Visnjan – a place that boasts the observatory, which is the astronomical discoveries among the 5 most popular in the world! If you’re here and you find your guiding star, or at least refreshed divine drops of wine, go on over a barrel, Žiković, Veznaver and Kosinožić to St. Portun and there you are back on the road to Porec where your adventure of path St. Maura began.

Welcome to the north-western Istria:

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