Trail Parenzana – Poreč

Parenzana is rightly called the path of health and friendship. It was officially declared as a bike path, but is also suitable for trekking. This is supported by the fact that the trail passes through beautiful landscapes of the old villages, picturesque towns, diving through beautiful valleys with streams and woods, then rise on the slopes of the hills, meandering among the vineyards and olive groves Istrian top manufacturers.In Slovenia, starting in the port of Koper route is 38 kilometers and is fully paved. On the Croatian side of Istria, is a former railroad went to Porec, a distance of 60 km, up to now has been renovated a move away from the border with Slovenia to Vižinada. The history of this railroad connecting the ends of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, serving the exchange of goods, particularly forwarding quality products from Istria in the imperial and royal palaces. For high demand for the Istrian wine, as well as transportation of the same imperial and royal courts, the railroad and the railroad knew to call wine. But, besides connecting the 33 towns and villages on their way. After World War II region was ceded to Italy, but the economical crisis 1935th The fire led to the railway and its dismantling.The trail is marked with yellow signs on poles, and they are located and other information about objects that are going on the road – viaducts, tunnels, former stations.As a permanent seal of the whole project was made, and Parenzana Museum, where you can look at old photographs of the railroad and the train, see a map where the route passes, and much other data. Fun part of the whole project will be a fun game on Parenzana, and you can buy it also in the Museum.

Parenzana – beautiful bike trail in Northwest Istria:

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