Price comparison for a Island Hotel Istra in Rovinj


We have made new comparison of the prices for a Island Hotel Istra in Rovinj. We always show the prices by the accommodation owner agency and partner on line agency.  We will show you the difference between St. Andrew’s Island Hotel Istra accommodation owner and an on line agency partner for the same room and same period. Period of stay is 9 nights / 10 days from 01,10,13, till 10.10.2013 for a standard hotel room  ( park view ) for a two person with half-board included in hotel price.


Location of the Island Hotel Istra in Rovinj:

Island Hotel Istra:


Hotel prices by for a Hotel Istra St. Andrew’s Island , Rovinj, 52210  for a period of stay 01.10. – 10.10.13. – 9 nights

Total price 831.00 €ur

Hotel price by – accommodation owner for a standard double room :                  78,48 €ur x 9 nights = 706, 32 €ur room

Difference = 124,68 €ur for 9 nights

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