Fameus owner of a brand Dr. Oetker have holiday villa in Istria

More than three years ago near Poreč in Višnjan in village Prašćarima wich have only about ten houses Richard Oetker ( one of three sons of Rudolfa Augusta Oetkera ) have bouth four old houses.The biggest one that is situated on the clif of the village has been renovated and finished few months ago.It is an impressive building enclosed by high stone wall, for whose restoration evidently largely used original old material from other houses.In the village on the edge of the vast valleys enclosed by a fence, but was built a small wooden farm where sheep roam freely, goats, ducks, geese, turkey and chickens.Villa in Prašćari should use managers of company Dr. Oetker.
Look some of the beauties of Istria:

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