Kandarola nude beach on island Rab

Beautiful Croatian coast with over a thousand islands, islets and reefs, is a real paradise for nudists.


The history of commercial nudism began in the ’60s of the last century, but the first records of nudist beaches much far before. As a forerunner of nudism in Croatia is mentioned the island of Rab. Although nudism on the island is mentioned in the writings of Czech writer Josef Herman in 1907th  and Professor Gunther from the 1912th, as the official beginning of his most frequently mentioned was in 1936th when visiting island Rab by King Edward VIII. of the Rab authorities allowed him and his wife Wallis Simpson bathe naked in the bay Kandarola on nude beach Kandarola.


But as the official opening of the first nudist beaches is mentioned year 1934th, when Richard Ehrman, president of the International Naturist Federation from Vienna, officially opened nude Kandarola in Kandarola bay on the peninsula Frkanj on island Rab as the first nudist beach in Croatia.


The opening of the first naturist resort in Croatia naturist resort Koversada near Vrsar was 27 years later.

Nudist beach Kandarola video:

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