Nude beach Baldarin

The beaches in Punta Križa – Cape Cross (15 km away from town Osor on the island of Cres) is undoubtedly true national park with rich flora and fauna.

Nowhere on the island of Cres is so much genuine mediterranean landscape in which the colors are playing in their sumptuous palette. The landscape of perfection and peace for lovers of nature and adventure. Here is a perfect position for a naturist camp Baldarin and of course on that position you can find nude beach Baldarin.
















Beautiful pebble beach Baldarin is situated 20 minutes walk from the campsite on a natural dirt road. Situated in a thick pine forest, protected from all winds and it is an ideal haven. The bay is deeply engraved in the land, and it seems as a pair of adjacent bays forming “fingers man’s hand.”


Naturist camp Baldarin:

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