Two new nudist beaches in Istria

maja_cvek_new_istrian_nudo_beachesMayor of town Ližnjan Maja Cvek in accordance with legislation adopted a new management plan for the maritime domain for year 2014. The plan determines the management of maritime property in Istria in the area of Ližnjan and approval for commercial use of the maritime domain also defines the purpose and use of land, funds for regular management , a list of activities that can be performed in the micro-location of the area of Ližnjan.

– The plan was first thinking about the development of naturism in Istria , and the Šišan and Ližnjan area defined by one location for naturist beaches where is allowed to swim and sunbath in the nude , and the guests are expected to abide by the norms of the naturist behavior . Also , there is one particular location  for swimmers with pets or dogs. The plan is to venture because it opens the possibility of employment , or the function of strengthening economic activity , while at the same time it allows the municipality of Liznjan better care of money and its coast , and will be able to edit the maritime domain for the purpose of nude tourism in Croatia. I refer to businesses that have an interest in this plan and seize the opportunities that this plan provides , says Maja Cvek .



Location of the new nudist beaches in Istria in Liznjan
For almost thirty kilometers long coast is determined by the thirteen most visited micro location where it will be possible to set specific contents in area Liznjan and Sisan like nude beaches and beaches for pets.


camp_kazela_liznjan Photo:

These are part along the coast of campsite Kažela, Lokvice bay, Levan , bay Lakošaše , Mulo od fabrike- Salbunić , Puntice , Matićev pisak – živa voda, Kargadur , Vela and Little Draga, Bay Kala and St . Stephen.







Two new nudist beaches in Istria-Liznjan-Marlera:

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