Overview of nudist camp Konobe on Island Krk

Nude camp Konobe is a nice, quiet naturist place in Croatia, almost without animation with very clean sanitary facilities and crystal blue sea.

Enjoy the views out to the Adriatic sea, if you are there for the first time.


We were always in the terraced part of the naturist camp there you go mainly through concrete ramp that engage the boats into the water. There is also a whole range of dog owners who bathe their dogs in the sea. From the terraced part is the end of the Konobe camp and direction of Punat camping.


The Grill Polinezija – FKK Konobe Punat  is good and reasonably priced – as in Germany and, like the neighboring place Punat. The food is good and the brew that you get after eating is for free, you have to drink it, even if it tastes some corrosive … but that is part of nudo camping Konobe.


If you arrive in June usually there is no problem to find a free space. The terraces are elongated, three, four places behind the other, depending on where you are standing or at the beginning of the terrace or below the car park. One has to agree with the neighbors and behold, how much space is going to be between the cars.


In the pitches that have a number, you have to watch, it could be that they are reserved for a certain date so ask before you leave your camper there.

The unnumbered camp plots are many and they are all above the line and closest to the sea.

Near the terrace places are sanitary facilities that are cleaned several times a day.

If you continue to ride on the slipway straight, you will have to walk some great places – is a matter of taste, as it has we did not like, but it is closer to the FKK Punat.

There in nudist camp Konobe right on the sea is a small bar for all guests and next to it is nice pebble beach for children.

Best regards and see you soon in naturist camp Konobe in Punat.

Real experience of visitor to naturist camp Konobe Punat.

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