Valalta nudo camp Rovinj

valalta_naturist_resort_rovinjNaturism vacation in Valalta nudo camp in Rovinj.

Naturist resort Valalta Rovinj is exclusively for naturists.
a) Swimming, sunbathing and lounge on the beach or pools with clothing is prohibited.
b) For minors under age 11,99 is marked area on the beach where will be tolerated stay in clothes.
c) The guests decide on their clothing. In the reception area, shops and other indoor facilities that are specifically marked, do not go bare naked. The other common areas in Valalta nudo camp Rovinj, for hygienic reasons, it is recommended to use a towel.
d) on persons joining the settlement only if they are members of the INF ( International Naturist Federation ).

map_naturist_beaches_croatiaNATURISM, FKK  or TOPLESS in  Valalta nudo camp Rovinj:




Naturism , FKK or simply nudism it is an tourism industry created around special atmosphere, a kind of gentle separation from usual patterns of consumer travel demand.

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For more acquainted to be able to create a conclusion that a naturist tourist is almost natural, therefore primordial tourist. Metaphysical bond between man and naturism we find that the first human beings. It is a relationship with nature, heavenly innocent, naked body against innocent paradise of nature, their mutual, spontaneous permeation, trademark and distinctive, the tourist population and an ideal which unquestionably difficult.valalta_naturist_resort_rovinj

On the trail of such a healthy life philosophy cult devote himself body, its appearance, its original needs and distractions stemming from his relationship with nature, it becomes clear, as a factor which can be accessed with special care.
Imposes itself is another natural link, one between naturists and environmentally friendly tourism. Extremely successful relationship through the decades can boast more than exemplary results, where naturists spend their vacations.

All in all you could say, a naturist himself and before nature honest tourist and as such it needs to be nurtured. Distinguished guests to the entrance to the village directly accepted. VALALTA-NATURIST Rovinj is a tourist destination suitable for families.


Visiting friends in Valalta nudo camp Rovinj.

Visiting friends in the village are allowed only on foot. Visitors are required to leave valid identification document, which is refunded upon leaving the village. For stays longer than 2 hours is charged ticket to enter the village.

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