Zrče is Croatia Rocks Festival


New Ibiza is waiting for you on island Pag in Croatia! Popular beach Zrče near Novalja is it. Come and joy in on 5 days and 5 nights of DJs and live music. Starting 19.07.2015.                                     Croatia Rocks […]

Summer Salsa Festival in Rovinj

Valentino Kanzyani – Aruba Club Pula “Lighthouse promo edition with Valentino Kanzyani”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Istria

15th Traditional event Golden Asparagus – Sparisada in Buie



The city of Poreč is considered the most visited resort in Istria and Croatia. Countless awards for its quality and popularity, the city of Poreč and its inhabitants, yet the people’s favorite rivers which are flowing through it each year. Almost every summer of his street pulsates with life. Former Colonia Iulia Parentium with its […]

The British Ilovetour festival in Poreč

Anthony Hopkins


Istrien producenter av olivolja och vin i de europeiska guiderna

Ett nytt turismsprojekt i Istrien “Författarhus – Hiža of Beside”

Topp Hotell HolidayCheck 2012 i Istrien

“ISTRA inspiririt” Ett nytt turistprojekt i Istrien

Istriens gourmetapplikation på din iPhone

Fameus ägare av ett varumärke Dr. Oetker har semestervilla i Istrien