Famous tourist resort Kotli


Kotli is a famous tourist resort located near Buzet and are specific in their old water mill. Kotli were once economically strongest in the village of Hum with well known millers and tailors. The local mill is still resists the weather. Today Kotli protected rural areas with preserved yard, porches, arches and picturesque chimneys. Through […]



Motovun has a medieval setting with beautiful walls that look like two semi with lovely views of the vineyards and the Motovun forest, which belongs to the category of forest park. If you visit Motoun do not forget to visit the famous Motovun Film Festival. Motovun has a lot of hotels and holiday home and […]

6th Days of Istrian asparagus


Istrien producenter av olivolja och vin i de europeiska guiderna

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