A new tourism project in Istria “Writers House – Hiža od Besid”

In Buraju old town of Pazin is located, “Hiža od besid” new Istrian cultural institution.Buraj the old town of Pazin, which is protected as a historic monument, and the attractiveness of the position contributes to positions near the castle and the Pazin pit above the abyss. It consists of ground-level space that has a public purpose – literary evenings, lectures and other cultural events and studios on the first floor where accommodation is provided for the guests.Opening was attended by the writer: Robert Perisic, Maja Vidmar, Zoltan Medvea, Milan Rakovac, Renata and Baretić drugi.Kuća writers for the first and so far the only project of its kind in the country, and since its opening is directed if the house is open to domestic and international visitors and people who are engaged in literary creativity from different perspectives. Work program for 2011. year provided the hottest performances and audience known names in Croatia, in order to attract audiences to the reading public and the House converstion.Over the newt years program is meant more open to authors from the area beyond the region, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe, and is thus included in the network of cities of literature.

Welcome to Pazin in the “house of writers”:

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