Americans gone crazy for a visit to Croatia

Sea, beach, food and a big number of other things are the reasons why Croatia is a great recommendation to spend holiday in Croatia. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe , the sentence which is popular portal Buzzfeed by Lara Parker began to enumerate the 11 reasons why you need to visit Croatia immediately. Here’s what they consider as eleven major Croatian aces and what we can say about them .

The turquoise blue Croatian Adriatic sea.

Turquoise-Adriatic-sea-CroatiaPhoto: The pearl of kvarner Rabac – beach

Croatian coast is incredibly beautiful. The each beach will take your breath away. The sea is crystal clear and turquoise blue.

History in Croatia


In Croatia, it was discovered several sites from the Stone Age ,as well as sites where they found the old stuff for a few centuries . Most Croatian cities have a historic core and classical architecture.

Food in Croatia


Croatian cuisine is a great combination of classic Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. In addition, Croatia is famous for its great wines.

Croatian culture

croatia_glagolitic_alphabetPhoto: The Glagolitic alphabet – Ancient Croatian Writing

Croatia is a modern country with a very relaxed atmosphere . You can enjoy the best of two worlds – the accelerated urban life and relaxed town on the coast .

Climate in Croatia


Croatia has a Mediterranean climate which means mild winters and beautiful spring and summer months. The average number of hours of sunshine in Croatia is 2,600 per year .

Croatian nature


Beautiful Adriatic sea, spectacular beaches and hilly areas are just part of what Croatia has to offer, and is home to the National Park Plitvice Lakes, which is the epitome of natural beauty .

Sailing on Croatian coast


Sailing is one of the best ways to see Croatia just hire a boat and explore their archipelago.

Prices in Croatia


Prices in Croatia are surprisingly reasonable, especially when compared with neighboring European countries. You can enjoy a meal in a beautiful waterfront restaurants for just fifteen euros.

Croatian nudists


Croatia is the first country in Europe to promote commercial Croatian naturist resorts. More than one million nudists come every year in Croatia.

Croatian Lighthouses


Croatia has lighthouses across the coast . Many of them are on the deserted shores and small islands in the open sea .

Croatian sunsets


Sunset in Dubrovnik.

Consider that we fell in love with Croatia….

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