First beaches in Istria whith White flag

verudela-beach-resort-pula-istra-newsArenaturist Yacht Beach and Verudela beach below the hotel Park Plaza Histria are the first beaches in Istria and Croatia with white flag – a symbol of clean sea.


On the beach ceremony was organized which was attended by the founder of the association GUWAA (Global Unterwater Awareness Association) Christian Curavić with former Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, a member of GUWAA Rade Serbedzija and representatives of the City of Pula and Istria Mayor Boris Miletic.


Christian Curavić during lifting the flag noted that the white flag has become a symbol of the purity of water, the sea, rivers and lakes and he is pleased now because Croatia participates with another 60 countries worldwide in the fight for cleanliness and preservation of natural resources.

Christian Curavić says that it is the GUWAA is  world’s largest organization for systematic cleaning, protection and conservation of sea and oceans that annually organize global action of cleaning of the sea. One such action is going to happen in Croatia at the end of September 2013, in which, with the Croatian, engage thousands of divers from the world.

Water is life …. Protect it ….

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