Croatia is between 10 world Go’ tourist destinations for 2014 by Huffington Post

Croatia is just a few months in European Union and the travel tipsters advising that Croatia is ‘must see’ places for travel in 2014.
After Business Insider tipped Croatia among the hottest destination in 2014, the Huffington Post are the latest to jump on the bandwagon, naming Croatia on top of their ‘World’s Greatest Traveler’s Go/No-Go List for 2014′…

First on the list of the ‘Go’ places for 2014 is Croatia, with Huffington Post’s text explaining why.
Croatia…It is Italy without the hype (and costs). 21st century travelers are in search for new utopias—think Paris in the 20s, Bali in the 70s, and Prague circa 1990. Amazing Croatia may be that next tourist hit destination.
On the list with Croatia is also…
2. Festival ‘Burning Man’ – Nevada
3. Brazil Football World Cup 2014
4. Scotland
5. The Global Scavenger Hunt
6. Morocco
Places advised not to go include…
1. Mauritania
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Russia
4. Turkmenistan
5. Venezuela
6. Nigeria

Welcome to the Croatia – world Go’ tourist destinations for 2014

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