“ISTRA inspirit”A new tourist project in Istria

The new tourism product which will be offered this summer to visitors who are looking for cultural experience is a combination of specific local vegetation combined with the ambiance and the skillfully telling a mythical and legends story.Show aims to get back at a certain historical period, and with partner organizations and the local tourist board as a holders of a particular program, the project includes the first students of economics, culture and tourism at the University of Pula, which will acquire the practice of participation.ECTS is a unique project that inspirit Istria under the auspices of the County of Istria, Istrian tourism development agency and the Tourist Board Istria County starting in the second half of June, and for every Istrian story provided the three staging or during the summer, a total of 27 performances. Vladimir Torbica, Head of the department of culture of Istria says: “The new project in Istria inspirit is that they were first isolated most credible story, what has the highest value product, which was originally built for the locals. We believe that if enough Good for the locals, why not make them for the tourists, where we sell tickets. “How are fed batana fishermen and laborers, and which are discussed in the Rovinj wine cellars will stage the play Spacio. In the old town Buzet visitors will be able to experience a touch of the antique Buzet through music, dance, ice and drink ancient times, and Labin meet tough everyday life of miners and the struggle for the Republic of Mining. Savudrian lighthouse built in 1818. The place is staging the intriguing love story between the Count Metternich and Savudrija girls, forbidden love and delight visitors should also capture the cuisine of the alleged aphrodisiac svojstvima.Gospodin Vladimir Case says: “Next year we will Istria Inspirita expanded with nine new experiences and locations , which will run from 1 April to 1 October, and we hope to eventually get to a hundred experiences, or have events throughout the year. Istria Inspirita should become a new reason for guests to Istria, a benefit seen in this which in this time of crisis and contribute to improving the budget of the local population, which is largely involved in the Istrian tales. ”

Legendfest Pićan Istra 2011:

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