Istria and Croatia is Caribbean Europe by Kronen Zeitung

istra-news-Istria-Croatia-Croatia-Caribbean-EuropeKronen Zeitung: Croatia and Istria as a European Caribbean “Welcome to Croatia – Caribbean Europe” article that talks about the “clear blue sea, colorful yachts, gold coast and hospitality” as the characteristics of the Croatian coast, which offers scents of lavender, thyme, sage, rosemary and bay leaves. Kronen Zeitung said that a plane needs only 55 minutes from Vienna to Split where upon arrival welcome you palms and breath history palace.

From Split to Brac guests are riding catamarans and there can expect a Mediterranean scents and historic buildings. Kronen Zeitung writes that the island of Brac is known worldwide for its Brac white stone is used to build the White House in Washington, as well as the Vienna and Berlin parliament. Brac marble woven and the Venetian palaces. While Kronen Zeitung deals natural, historical, cultural and culinary beauty of Split and Brac, daily Kurier writes about the specifics of Istria, “the magnificent landscape of hills, terraces, meadows, tunnels and viaducts near the sea,” and the town of Motovun with famous Motovun truffles.


Istria is Caribbean Europe !

The special beauty of the landscape also include Istrian towns Buje, Grožnjan, Motovun and Vižinada a real paradise for cyclists, according to the article. Kurier at the end of the article recommends recent release of the book “Die Parenzana – go – enjoy and ride” by Janka FERC and Sandra Agnoli. Parenzana the old narrow-gauge railway from Trieste to Porec on ​​the track, the rails were removed, and with the help of money from the EU pre-arranged a trail for bicycles and walking.

Motovun, Croatia: Istria’s Top Hill Town:

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