Istria gourment application on your Iphone

Istria Tourist Board has created a world of gadgets launched in the story of gastronomy, wine and olive growing. Gourmet Istria is a free application for Android, which contains all the instructions, locations and contacts through which visitors can easily navigate Istrian wine trails, paths of olive oil and restaurants. Just to install the free iPhone application, go to Istria and choose what you want to work that day and what kind of pleasures left, and everything else will take care Gourmet Istria. Through a simple menu, you can find out all the details about the facilities that offer authentic dishes from Istrian taverns to top restaurants in the group JRE, or take instructions from the data for a tour and wine tasting road virgin olive oil. The application supports the information in four languages ​​- English, German, Italian and Croatian, and supports all the places in Istria – from Baderna to Žminj of Zambratija and World travel to Plomin and Trget.

See the story about Istrian gastronomy and the Istrian truffle:

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