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motovun_istria_health_tourismIn center of Istria you can find small town Motovun. Motovun is situated in a moderate climate suitable for relaxation of body and mind. In Motovun you can try Istria health tourism services.

Motovun dental services
In the pleasant surroundings of Motovun landscapes take the opportunity to go to a dental appointment to Dr. Mario Miškulin in the Health center Motovun. Dental services you can receive at affordable prices – much lower than in other European countries. Dr.Mario Miškulin have ten years of clinical work and has attended numerous training courses for the dental profession. Contact : Dr. Mario Miškulin , tel:052/681-505 more at:

Motovun hotel Kaštel Alternative Medicine

motovun_hotel_kastel _alternative_medicine


In Motovun hotel Kaštel you can rehabilitate your body with alternative bio-energy treatments …. A multitude of health problems, gynecological and psychological problems, thyroid problems or spinal further worsens the influence of stress on the body, so it is very important to get rid of “negative energy” to the body to heal. Motovun is, according to experts in the earth’s radiation, a potent source of positive energy. “Dragons furrows”, so called. energy meridians, transmit positive energy of the Earth, and the place where the light emerges strongest source that is relaxing and increases concentration and spirituality . On these facts based bio- energoterapiju in Hotel Kastel is a therapist certified by the Croatian Association for Natural  Energy and Spiritual Medicine.
All the packages are compiled individually , depending on the needs of the customer.

Welcome in Motovun to Istria health tourism!

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