Least expensive day at the beach is in Croatia !

Italian consumer association Codacons has compared the prices of one day on the beach in several Mediterranean countries. They compared the prices of two deck chairs, parasols, two bottles of water and two sandwiches. It turned out that the least expensive day on the beach is for tourists in Croatia, and the most expensive day on the beach is on the French coast.

french coast

Although, the price of deck chairs, parasols, juices and sandwiches on our beaches is far from favorable, and for many is a real luxury it figures out that Croatia is cheaper than other European Mediterranean tourist countries.


Most expensive price for the day on the beaches has Italy, where for two persons you will have to pay 35 euros. But even more expensive is France where for the day at the beach for two persons you will pay 40 euros, while for the same package on Croatian beach you will pay half that much = 20 euros.

italian beach
The second most expensive is Germany with 36.5 euros for a day on the beach. In more expensive versions on Germany beaches that same package costs up to even 50 euros. On Greece beaches the day on the beach cost 22 euros, 24 euros in Spain and on a Turkish coast for the day at the beach you will pay 25 euros.

turkish beach

It can be concluded that the offer of Croatian beaches is more favorable than some competitors who are reputed to be cheaper tourist destinations. But we should not forget that in Greece the food is cheaper and that Turkey attract guests with all inclusive arrangement that include the price of food and drink, as well as deck chairs on the beach.

Greek beach Rethymno

On most Croatian beaches you can rent beach chairs with cost about 25 kuna, and parasols for 20 kuna, and the cost goes up to 50 kuna, depending on the location of your Croatian beach.

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