REVITAS: Presentation of the activities implemented in Svetvinčenat

Revitalization of the Istrian hinterland and the Istrian hinterland tourism project is a collaboration with the City Municipality of Koper, Izola and Piran Municipalities, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia – Piran offices, cities Porec, Buzet and extraordinary sight and Istria Tourist Board and the Svetvinčenat successfully implemented Istria called Revitas.Istria as a partner with the most experience with the Croatian side of the coordinated work of all Croatian partners, and contributed to the removal of administrative barriers and reduce the risk of making complex partnerships disseminating knowledge about the implementation of the project. REVITAS project included many activities during the implementation in accordance with the duration, the website, multilingual promotional materials, DVDs, guides and the monograph, a historic center and the exact time.Following the realization of individual goals, organized the press conference, and were broadcast and promotional pieces, made ​​the revitalization of historical towns methodology area. Educated and employed six people for the leaders of info-centers, the Pula by Juraj University under the project organized seminars and study tours designed for the education of tourist guides. Workshops were organized and 23 promotional events in the Information Centre of Istria, set of 12 educational themed boards to promote the cultural heritage of the hinterland of Istria and is implemented computerization of border areas of Istria placing information kiosks at 10 focal points.

See what it looks like a medieval festival in Svetvincenat:

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