Rovinj Red Bull Air Race live

We are all racing for the ego and of course we would do the same also in the Istria – Rovinj Red Bull Air Race!

Sports that we do is really dangerous, said Austrian pilot Arch and explained why he deals with it: Because the ego! We all want to be called the best in the world so welcome this weekend in Istria – Rovinj to the Istria – Rovinj Red Bull Air Race!


Celestial Formula 1, as fans call it, is coming to Rovinj. Small boats on the surface of the sea, the old town walls and wings of Red Bull aircraft contrast are guaranteed spectacle of Istria – Rovinj Red Bull Air Race!

Skilled pilots every day they get on their planes worth around $ 300,000 and perform all kinds of stunts while pressing force from 9 G. At this point, the pilot’s body is harder to almost ten times than in the normal state. Exhibited almost the same risks as the Formula 1 drivers, some of whom earn and ten million euros per season, and all for around 400,000 euros per year.

Welcome this weekend in Rovinj to the Istria – Rovinj Red Bull Air Race!

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