Exclusive photos from Dubrovnik filming STAR WARS new episode – The Order of the Dark Side

Croatian Star Wars web portal  MOS Croatia spaceport brings us exclusive Dubrovnik photos from filming STAR WARS new episode  – The Order of the Dark Side in costume of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers.

The Order of the Dark Side -space bar dubrovnikPhoto: MOS Croatia spaceport

– First you have the opportunity to see the characters of Star Wars in Dubrovnik! The guys from the association wanted to surprise all the curious and they succeeded. In the  Saturday morning they marched through Dubrovnik and sent us several photos. They access to the Stradun ( famous Dubrovnik square ) around noon brought the whole commotion and confusion in this beautiful city. As the scenery for the film already well placed is a real treat to see the costumes “on the set” – say from the Star Wars Croatia and discovered that beneath the costumes of popular characters from Lucas’ saga STAR WARS is  hiding Matija Matečić, Hrvoje Gazdik and Sandra Požežanac.

space bar- dubrovnik

On the MOS Croatia spaceport stands another exclusive discovery. It is the name of the eighth episode of Star Wars, which would reportedly be called “The Order of the Dark Side” .
The working title of the Star Wars Dubrovnik production is called “Space Bear”.












Photo: MOS Croatia spaceport


Dubrovnik – Filming location for Star Wars Episode VIII



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