Where to spend holidays?

Summer 2014 is at the door, and you didn’t decide where to go on vacation? The easy answer is to spend your holidays at sea – ideal dream vacation. Spend it under the blue sky on Croatian beautiful sunny beaches and refreshing sea.


The positive effects of seawater
There are many positive effects of sea water, one of them is a natural body detoxification. It is big significance of sea water and sea salt, and you can achieve a free detoxification of your body with sources of natural mineral nutrients as it penetrates deep into your skin. If you stay a certain period in sea the body gets rare trace elements that sea water encourages exchanging toxins and minerals between the water and the body. More addition to the above there is a large sea electromagnetic energy field that  in a completely natural way balances and full your energy system.


Vacations at Sea provides that everyone completely forget about everyday life and the turbulent stress from today’s lifestyle. Seawater magnesium contained and in a very high percentage allows you to forget your stress. Because of its composition, seawater significantly eases pain, reduces inflammation, relaxes and stimulates the release of excess fluid from the body. Swimming in the sea can help if you have problems with rheumatism, arthritis, back pain and muscle pain.


Swimming in seawater promotes the excretion of toxins from the body, and significantly simplifies the process of salt excretion. All you need to rest your body and soul this summer 2014 can be found at Croatian beaches so decide to spend your relaxing vacation at sea on the Croatian nudist beaches.

Croatia Beaches Video

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