Car Audio & Tuning Show in Porec

Summer is in its full swing, the sun does not subside, and only where you can escape of the  heat is sea! If you’re the car lovers then Porec 11th and 12 August is your stop. The organization  of the Auto Club Tuning Istra for the eighth time organizing the competition for refined tin pets. At the site of the popular Porec Skilift competition will be organized in the external and internal arrangement of the vehicle, known as “styling” and competition in the volume of the audio system – SPL Competition and competition in the quality of the audio system – SQ Competition. According to organizers of last year was again marked by record attendance and the audience and the contestants themselves (straight 100) and this year should be even more attractive as. The large number of competitors have already contacted the organizers and announced by the week before the book on which speaks volumes about the attractiveness of the event and addictive beauty of Porec. Be sure to visit the event if not on Saturday evening when he announced “Night Glow” (competition in the light car) then definitely Sunday after 12h when they announced the main event! Admission is of course free.


Invitation to Tuning Show Porec:

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