IAGI 2013 Umag – Internatoional Art of Gastronomy Istria

For the second time in Istria Umag and hotel Sol Garden is hosting an IAGI – Internatoional Art of Gastronomy in Istria. On the congress IAGI will be attended by about 400 chefs from over 20 countries of the world to convey their knowledge and innovations of the modern tourism sector enogastronomy. Professional and educational classes covering topics preserve the original gastronomic heritage, education of young chefs and new trends in the global culinary scene. Program also include themed evenings, lectures, workshops and demonstrations of preparing dishes from different countries.

Complete program IAGI in 2013 you can see here.

Istria have this year 15 chefs in IAGI and this year is specifically represents one of the Croatian inland counties. This year the honor went to Karlovac kitchen. In the area of ​​international and regional cuisine, its local dishes will be presented by Germany, Russia, Tunisia, Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Iceland, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event will follow the more than 20 teams of journalists from home and abroad. In this year’s IAGI special guest company is ROBINSON Ltd. from Zagreb. ROBINSON LLC is an international newspaper publishing company, founded in 1990. year. In its program issued 14 different magazines since 1999. It became a multinational company and sells magazines in 6 countries of Central and Southeastern Europe with Arab countries. If you wish to apply then fill the application form which you can fill out here.
Welcome to the Internatoional Art of Gastronomy in Istria!

Hotel Sol Garden Umag:

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