Weekend Media Festival Rovinj 2012

Weekend Media Festival is regional festival of communication and it takes place from 20th to 23 September in the old Tobacco Factory in center of Rovinj. Weekend Media Festival this year brings a number of very distinguished speakers and panelists from the region but also from the world. Conor White-Sullivan, director of HuffPost Labs. White-Sullivan is at the forefront of efforts to change the community of bloggers classical approach to news has also received recognition by U.S. President Barack Obama, and last year Forbes listed the 30 most influential persons less than 30 years. Multimedia producer Gabriel Dance – he directed a project NYTimes.com, and today is an interactive editor of Britain’s Guardian newspaper in New York. Eloquent 30-year-old from Colorado is full of enthusiasm about the future of digital journalism. His enthusiasm will try to convey to the audience in the city, at a lecture whose title is “The Art and Science of interactive news.” Online games are a global industry worth 100 billion U.S. dollars. Davor Hebel, a partner at Fidelity Growth Partners Europe from Great Britain are convinced that in this industry there is space for regional players from Eastern Europe.

Weekend Media Festival this year with a new format “Hard Talk”, which will be hosted by Alexander Tijanic and Goran Milic. By Hard Talk and Emil Tedeschi, owner of Atlantic Group. A new format for this year’s Weekend and “Looking over the fence,” which provides an overview of the most important events in the industry in all countries of the region during the last year and “The Duel,” in which the attitudes of key actors face Croatian media scene. The rich program of panel discussions emphasize the “myth of the TV ratings,” “Can film in Croatia be watched and profitable” and “Where is journalism going?”. Weekend is traditionally become the place to present new projects so that announces the introduction of a regional media project Business Plus, the presentation of the project “the research on social networks,” etc. BalCannes – Regional show the best advertising agencies at Weekend
One in a series of news fifth Weekend Media Festival is BalCannes, regional magazines top advertising agencies, organized in cooperation with the Croatian Association for Marketing Communications Agency (HURA). All interested agencies from Croatian, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro have the chance to present their work. BalCannes Although not primarily a competition, agencies whose projects selected jury of journalists specialized in ad industry, will get a chance to personally present their projects at the main stage of the festival and will be handed a special certificate. And 13 at Weekend Conference for Public Relations HUOJ 13th Conference for Public Relations CPRA and this year will be held for the first time as part of the Weekend Media Festival on Thursday 20th rujna 2012th year. Conference CPRA is the most important annual gathering of employees of public relations in the private, public and NGO sectors and agencies from all Croatian regions and countries. Red Thread 13th Conference CPRA will be CRISIS. The global economic and financial crisis has strongly affected by a number of countries in transition, including Croatia, causing severe economic destabilization. The increasing presence of economic crisis and recession in recent years, reflected in almost all sectors and it is clearly influenced by the public relations and business communications industry. Therefore, we believe that it will attract the attention of the topics that will be discussed at the 13th Conference, with particular emphasis on the impact of the economic crisis on business ethics and communication with interest-influential groups on the impact of the crisis on the market for communication services with the agency and corporate point of view, the role of internal communication in the process of restructuring or sale of the company and the direction of the development of corporate social responsibility in crisis. This year’s theme of the roundtable CPRA s conference will be managing communications in public administration in times of crisis. Confirmed the arrival of the former spokesman of the Greek government (at the time of Prime Minister George Papandreou’s), George S. Petalotis as a guest lecturer.
Weekend guests this year will enjoy the ever richer musical program. Among other forthcoming performances Partibrejkers, Pips, Chips & Videoclips, Rambo Amadeus, etc. Last year, Weekend Media Festival hosted some 4000 participants from Croatian and the countries of the region, as well as visitors from Europe, America and Japan, among which there were about 500 accredited journalists More than 120 speakers and panelists from across the region. With top-notch lectures, panel discussions and presentations, Weekend is known as a best concerts and parties that ends the summer season in Rovinj. Weekend Media Festival program can be seen here.

Welcome to Rovinj.

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