Buzet is located in the heart of the northern part of Croatian Istria. On the surface of 165 km2, a population of 6059 inhabitants. Old Town Buzet is located at 150 m high hill overlooking the fertile valley of the Mirna River, while the newer part of town called Fontana, developed at the foot of the hill. Buzet also called the City of truffles because it is located in the zone in which to grow the most valuable underground mushrooms. Buzet is located at the entrance of the strongest tourism generating countries of Europe such as Italy and Slovenia, and well connected to all parts of Europe and Croatian. The wider area around Buzet called Buzestina, under Buzeština considered wider areas surrounding settlements Roština, Hum, Sovinjština, Vrhuvština … Buzet is the area between the three large urban centers such as Rijeka, Trieste and Koper.Što for the natural attraction, this area abounds with small and large valleys, canyons, hills and mountains that are covered in part šumom.U the Mirna valley mild Mediterranean climate prevails in the mountain area, in Ćićarija, is continental – continental climate. Tourism in Istria and Buzet developed for last 20 years.

View a short video about the old town Buzet:

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