Rabac is a mid-19th century was a small fishing village with hardly ten houses. The inhabitants of Rabac were skilled fishermen and seamen and the owners of ten sailboats. Because of the beautiful bay and splendid, tame surroundings frequented by hikers, and one of the first passionate tourists was an English traveler and writer Richard Francis Burton, who has resided in Rabac 1876. After this tour, and other places along the coast of Istria was made of the book ‘The Istrian coast’, describing the beauty and charm of Rabac. At that time Rabac began the first villas. The first hotel in Rabac, was opened 11.06.1889. years, and his regular guest was an Austrian officer the Kaiser, who later bought Dubrova Estate near Labin, a town now known for its Mediterranean Sculptors and Sculpture Park. Historians have noted that at the beginning of this century, namely 1907th year, Rabac and Austro-Hungarian throne Ferdinand.Turizam in Istria, as well as in Rabac, began to develop during the early sixties, when this small town for its natural beauty is the flattering name of ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Since then, all existing hotels, resorts, camping sites and most of the houses.

Fraction of the beauty of the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is available here:

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