The smallest town in the world – Hum

Hum is the smallest town in the world and is located in central Istria near Buzet. Today is the memorial of the city, one of the few preserved examples of urban development only within the early medieval walls. During almost the entire millennium, from to date, in Hum outside the city walls almost nothing is built, the village remains within certain limits until early Middle Ages. Spatial organization of the town consists of three parallel rows of houses that stretch from east to west, two streets that are separated by trapezoidal and square at the main gate. Citadel is two streets was directly connected to all parts of the city. Houses in all three rows had been on the street so was enabled rapid military crew and quick removal of all urban residents in the castle. Boom in construction Hum experienced in dominance of Venice in the sixteenth century It was developed during the utility system and consequently expressed the city Hum role as the administrative, cultural and economic center, but with a pronounced defensive function. When the 1412th Mr. Hum went to Venice, the work of its walls were demolished, but the turbulent situation in the border area between Austria holdings accordance with their renewal. On the other hand, the strengthening of the municipal system as it is supported by Venice necessitated a new articulation of the urban layout of space. Today Hum completed in the early nineteenth. century when the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (known as the Church of St. Peter and Paul). It was built on the site where a rather small church from the XVII century and partly a castle. Then, because of the size of the new church, the southern city wall moved outward so that the tower got inside the city walls.

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