Umag adrenalin park

Adrenaline Park in Umag consists of several paths that are found in the woods. The platform of steel rope is completely safe and suitable for anyone who wants to test balance, concentration and fitness. This park is new to offer tourist attractions and is an ideal place for children and adults who want to experience your daily dose of adrenaline. Visitors to the adrenaline rush of the park must have its own athletic clothing and footwear, and equipment needed to move the platform is included.
There are three trails to enjoy in the park:
The green trail is set on a platform 1.5 m high and has 8 different parts of the training. Part of this route is particularly suitable for children who are at a height of 1.10m.
Blue trail is set to a minimum height of 1.40 to a maximum of 7m and has 8 parts of training.
Red trail is suitable for adults only and is set at a height of 11m with 12 different parts of the training.


Green  trail: 65.00 kn

Blue trai :  80.00 kn

Red trail: 100.00 kn

Equipment is included and consists of a seat belt and helmet. For groups of 10 or more participants, as well as for agencies and schools will be granted an additional discount. In addition to the basic price, the participants from schools and team building programs also have an additional discount. All visitors must bring their own athletic shoes or trekking cipele.Iako is only open to the public during certain months, with previous appointments and reservations, theme park can be visited throughout the year.

View a short video about the park:

Adresa:Kamp Stella Maris
HR-52470 Umag
Mobitel: +385 (0)98 217265

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